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Nozzle Tester

Nozzle Tester

Nozzle Tester Procedure

In the event there is a non-automatic fueling operation, first check the fuel tank adaptor and vent assembly for physical damage and loose or missing parts. (If so, report locomotive number to proper personnel for repairs).

The nozzle gasket (Snyder Part No: FR-65), and ring should be checked for a smooth surface. If the FR-65 gasket is damaged, replace before performing any fueling operation.

Test Nozzle As Follows:

  1. Remove fuel filer cap from locomotive.
  2. Apply Snyder 766-TR Nozzle Tester to fuel tank adaptor.nozzle-tester-instructions.jpg
  3. Secure the hose to the running board of the locomotive using the magnet supplied on the hose end. Ensure that the hose is in the upright position and will allow fuel to drain back into the adaptor.
  4. Insert Snyder 1720-DS Nozzle into 766-Tr Nozzle Tester (making sure both parts are secured tight).
  5. Check to see at this time that the ball valve located on side of Nozzle Tester is in the open position (handle indicates flow).
  6. Establish fuel flow by squeezing lever.
  7. After flow is established for approximately 20-30 gallons, close ball valve on Nozzle Tester. At this time the 1720 Nozzle should shut off automatically. If nozzle does not shut off when ball valve is closed retry steps 3 thru 6. If after second try the nozzle does not shut off, the nozzle should be considered inoperative. Send nozzle in for repair.
  8. If nozzle checks out okay, then tank adaptor could be faulty. If so, report locomotive number to proper personnel for repairs.

Note: For this test to be accurate the pump pressure should be a minimum of 40 PSI and a maximum of 65 PSI. The flow rate should be not less than 150 G.P.M. and maximum of 275 G.P.M.

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